Could the NanoKids play soccer with a Buckyball?

Well I HAD to take minute to blog this!! Sir Harry Kroto answered my question!

So, those NanoParents better buy some of these NanoCars to drive the NanoKids to soccer practice, so someday they can play in the big leagues!*

*(this particular nerdy joke courtesy of my postdoc advisor)

**anybody else think it is awesome that he proudly displays a mini-Spam wall on his shelf? I would not be surprised to find out that Spam contains C60.

Open letter to Marc Jacobs

Oh Mr. Jacobs. How I have loved your bags, since I was but a wee college student (and I was tiny, even with the freshman 15 I never topped 120 lbs). Ever since I saw the picture of Sofia Coppola wearing a long coat and holding her hot-ass red namesake bag in the overflowing ads of Vogue magazine twelve (damn, twelve damn) years ago... Freshwomen, at least those from the ranks of the middle class in the perfect demographic to miss out on substantial financial aid while remaining without parents that can cover teh college, cannot afford them, alas. And so I dreamed and dreamed of the day when I would be able to afford to buy a Marc Jacobs Sofia handbag without using a credit card and making myself barf from the sheer depravity of unaffordable wrongitude of it all.

And now, now that the day has finally come, when I could use my 25% of my paycheck that is mine and mine alone (separate from the 75% that goes into the joint living expenses account) to buy WHATEVER I WANTED no matter how frivolous it is...

NOW you no longer sell the bag I have dreamt of for all these years. The only way I can get one is to buy some potentially shady one off of Ebay. This is so bogus!! SO FRICKING BOGUS I TELL YOU.

If anyone out there has a line to Mr. Jacobs, and can ask him ever so nicely to please, please make me one, or find me one, now that I am a real live grown up and I can rock the fashionable handbag amongst the professoriate. PLEEEEEEAASE????

I should have just used my credit card a long time ago. /cry