Two-way anonymized NIH peer review? Best comment evar!

LULZ, the first comment on this article about potentially making applicants anonymous for certain levels of NIH review is so stereotypically hilarious. He even named HIMSELF "oldguy!"

"This moves reviews exactly in the wrong direction.  It rewards creative writing and disregards training and accomplishments.  The current short grant format does not allow enough preliminary data to provide assurances tot he reviewer that the applicant can do the work now.  At least now when an X-ray crystallographer says they will do a structure you can check and see if they have done a structure.  Without a track record anyone can propose to do anything as long as its published that someone has done it.

Having worked in Europe and the US the lab based funding is much better fro young scientists.  While they can't grow and empire, they can work.  Here in the US we are willing to through away years of training.

Larry Tabek gave us 12 pages and no A2.  His track record is not so good."

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