Maybe I am just feeling obtuse today, but this clarification RE: the time limit on resubmitting applications to NIH does not at all clarify the issue for me. I am more confused now! Before reading this, my understanding was that it was A1 and done, and that the 37 month thing just meant you better get that A1 in within that time frame. But by this statement:

"After thirty-seven months, NIH views a submission as a new application, regardless of whether an unsuccessful resubmission (A1) was submitted during the thirty-seven month time period" they mean that if your A1 doesn't get funded, you can just wait a couple of years and submit it again? I haz a confyuz.

5 thoughts on “Clarifobfuscation?

  1. Yes. It means that 37 mo after the *original* submission they are not going to bust you for having the same Aims or whatever other overlap would trigger a rejection.

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