4 thoughts on “Oh geez, here we go again...

  1. This has nothing to do with the "coming months" of the 2012 fiscal year. The administration is giving guidance to the agencies for putting together their proposed budgets for 2013 fiscal year, which doesn't start until October 1, 2012, and 100% certainly will begin with a continuing resolution that extends until after the new Congress and Executive are sworn in in early 2013.

    As far as "what does this mean", it doesn't mean anything for the 2013 budget per se. It is just pre-election posturing.

  2. I think it could affect our experiences of the coming months though--am I wrong in having the impression that this kind of information makes NIH program leadership even more conservative about making funding decisions? The 2011 fiscal year ends in a month and a half and from the buzz around the internet it sounds like a lot of people are still waiting on funding decisions that were backed up because of the last "budget crisis" conservatism wave from this spring. Is this just because more people use the internet these days than in the past, or is this a growing issue?

  3. NIH program leadership know that this stuff is not meaningful in their own fiscal planning for the 2012 fiscal year. And they have to award and/or spend their entire 2011 appropriation by the end of the fiscal year, or they lose it. The only relevance of projected future budgets to current decision-making is in how they incur out-year committments.

    The reason the administration is doing this is so that they can say while campaigning that they are "tightening the government's belt".

  4. I think I am just so consumed with anxiety about this stuff that any new budget cut number I see from the government makes me feel like there is another 500 thousand pound weight on my eyeballs and brain.

    This waiting-to-hear-about-the-grant thing is like waiting to give birth when you're in the last week before your due date. It starts to feel like IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN and I'll be in this groundhog day repeatedly clicking my Commons link forever (because SOMETIMES THERE'S A CHANGE!! intermittent reinforcement!!).

    The weight, it draaaaggsss meee dooowwwwwwnnn!!!! uuggggghhhh!

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