NIH, why bother with the working group if you're not going to do anything about it?

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Why is NIAID the only institute that offers the supplement to support postdoctoral fellows to hire a tech to help them with their work while they need to be away from the lab (for e.g. maternity leave, etc.)?

Primary Caregiver Technical Assistance Supplement

NIAID started this in 2004. I know from insider information that the NIH working group to address bias and barriers to women in science talked about this sometime between 2006 and 2008. It's now 2011, and NIAID is still the only institute that makes it available. Let's go, NIGMS, NCI, NHLBI, all the rest of you.

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  • becca says:

    SHHHHHHHHHHHHH! don't let the neuroscientists hear you, they still think that getting dissed on blog comments determines the best institute

  • Dr. O says:

    Okay, I had NO idea this existed. Seriously?!? I'm funded by NIAID, why the hell didn't I do this? How many people know this even exists?? Or am I just a poor clueless soul?

  • chemicalbilology says:

    Exactly! I don't think very many people know about it at all. It is not well-publicized, and neither were the conversation and recommendations that were made to expand it.

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