ZOMG Kern, we already cured cancer!!

Look, this CancerVaccineTM can somehow DILATE TIME in order to cure tumors in an hour over the course of 36 days!!!!!!!!

No more need to unreasonably berate modern scientists for how they spend their time!!!!

Seriously--this is the kind of spam I get in my work email. Wow, got any more buzzwords to add there, folks?

5 thoughts on “ZOMG Kern, we already cured cancer!!

  1. Make-your-own vaccine kits? Sign me up!

    Seriously, this is at least 20 kinds of awesome. I can definitely tell that the before and after mice are the same animal.

    Giant liposomes! Cancer stem cells! Booga booga!

  2. Most of my spam thinks that I am a guy with a small penis that doesn't function well. Curing tumors, even in un-cuddly nude mice, sounds positively glamorous.

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