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Donors Choose special feature!

Oct 21 2010 Published by under Uncategorized

Quick!!! Help bring these projects past the finish line, there's a special matching deal going on! They aren't for science classes, but that's okay--we like arts and literature, too!

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Donors Choose!

Oct 10 2010 Published by under [Et Al], [Science in Society]

It's the official launch day!

I absolutely LOVE Donors Choose! I have been donating to projects there since I was a wee Drugmonkey reader back in the day. I even gave my sister and her husband a Giving Card for their wedding present, and the best part of the gift was the packet of hand-written thank-you notes they got from the students.

Now it's my chance to spread the love to Donors Choose through my own blog! All you K99/R00ers, please show your appreciation through my Giving Page! Not only that, but HP is matching every donation up to $50K total, so every little bit you chip in will be doubled. How awesome is that?!

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ZOMG Kern, we already cured cancer!!

Oct 05 2010 Published by under [Et Al], [Medicine&Pharma], crazy talk

Look, this CancerVaccineTM can somehow DILATE TIME in order to cure tumors in an hour over the course of 36 days!!!!!!!!

No more need to unreasonably berate modern scientists for how they spend their time!!!!

Seriously--this is the kind of spam I get in my work email. Wow, got any more buzzwords to add there, folks?

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