Bad blogger

I am sorry (to anybody who cares) that I am such a bad blogger these days. What with family life, trying to buy a house, grant proposals, manuscripts, managing my lab, my 1.5h/86-mile each-way commute and all the rest of it, I just don't have any time for blogging. I especially apologize to melissa's bench, who has been waiting for me to post my thoughts on a question she had for us all for weeks now! I hope I can get my head above water soon, but until then, thanks for your patience.

6 thoughts on “Bad blogger

  1. Hey, no problem. I've been in the same boat. FWIW I have stumbled into a great solution for my question -- still merits a blog post, but I am guessing "do your best to stumble into a solution" is one of the primary strategies for solving said problem...

    Good luck!

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