Sephoral Censorship

Okay, Sephora. For the third time you have censored my review of this "Pore-Fector Gadget."I thought a facial sonicator sounded pretty awesome, and I tried it out. It was not awesome. It was lame. It hardly did anything except lyse some of the cells on my nose where I tried to push out a stubborn blackhead and sonic-burned myself. Since the thing does not come with any warnings about something like that happening, I posted a review sharing my experience so other people would know to be careful. Sephora initially let it go up, but then later I saw it had been taken down. So I posted it again, and again: up but subsequently down. Third time? Not even made it past the moderator.Plenty of other negative reviews are up there, so I think they just didn't like my injury story because of the liability concerns. Well, maybe then you should stop selling the product or at least get a warning put on the packaging.

Sephora, you are silencing my voice of reason!

One thought on “Sephoral Censorship

  1. I passed on the Porulator- it looked threatening.
    For a nice exfoliation, go with the Clarasonic Mia, and ultrasonic face brush. Like a Sonicare for your skin. No pain, lots of gain.

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