Back to civilization!

Ahhhh, internet... sweet, sweet internet. I missed you, I didn't miss you. I finally recovered from your withdrawal symptoms and then fell back off the wagon as soon as I got home.

We got back tonight from a week at the family cabin that doesn't get any cellphone signal (so no Blackberry) and has no other connectivity than a landline ring-ring-ring old timey phone. It does have buttons and not one of those crank wheel dialer things, but I had forgotten how jangling the sound of a phone ringing was, now that I am so used to a gentle buzzing noise telling me politely that someone is trying to contact me.

It makes me remember how fast my brain has to work these days, and how much more capacity we must need to keep all of these little spinning, fleeting attention chunks sorted and moving.

In the meantime, my 7.5 month old child learned to pull herself up on things and can almost climb out of a pack and play... I have a feeling I am really in for it now. Yikes...

5 thoughts on “Back to civilization!

  1. Yes, you are. 🙂 I spent the week with my nieces & nephews, including an 11-month-old who was getting into *everything*. I'd almost forgotten how exhausting that phase is...

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