BWF Career Awards at the Scientific Interface 2010/2011

The Burroughs Wellcome Career Awards at the Scientific Interface have opened back up! This is a transitional award similar to the R00. While you can only apply as a postdoc, it doesn't provide postdoctoral funding support (as far as I am aware). However it does provide $500K (total) of support over three years to bring with you to a faculty position. It's less money overall than the K99/R00, and also extremely competitive, but anyone here whose work is relevant and who is submitting a K99 proposal might as well adapt it to apply to this program, too! Here is the link:

I know a couple of people who have gotten or almost gotten these, and they are really nice awards--just more susceptible to changes in the market and the economy than the NIH (they didn't even have a competition last year as far as I know, their funds were way down because of the recession).

One thought on “BWF Career Awards at the Scientific Interface 2010/2011

  1. I was excited when I saw it. And yes, it does include 2 years of postdoctoral support at something around $60-70k per year. I'm going to apply even though my chances are close to zero- my uni (for whatever reason) doesn't have the overhead issues with this award like they do with the K99.

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