I found out today I am the ONLY person in the PubMed database with my combination of first and last name. I'M SO SPECIAL!! Lots of people with my first and middle initials plus last name, though.

On that note, I thought I'd share something super-geeky about myself (unrelated to my publication record):

When I am driving on my shockingly long commute, I often listen to my iPod and when certain songs come on, I daydream complex, elaborate choreography for figure skating to them. I am not a figure skater, never have been, but I always watched it growing up--it was our favorite part of the Olympics. I was a dancer, however, and I love to imagine dancing while going 40 miles an hour and flying 10 feet in the air. So, I get totally into songs like Britney's version of "My Prerogative," (which would be perfect for Johnny Weir) and this Avishai Cohen song called "Continuuo" (the only one I really like off that album), and a song by Bertine Zetlitz called "Broken" (which would be GREAT for pairs)... sailing away in my figure skating coach dreamland where I design the routines and get to watch the beautiful skaters carry them out.

4 thoughts on “Unique

  1. Turns out that my first and last name combination is unique, too! Amazing considering that both names are relatively common.As far the figure skating thingy goes ... sad. So very, very sad.

  2. Mine is unique too. Even more: it is unique not only in PubMed, but also "in Google"!! Googling for my first name and last name combination only returns pages related to ME, and ME alone.How's THAT for being unique!

  3. Mine is unique, but only because my last name is a hyphenated combination of two already long names. I think the pre-marriage name was shared with an astrophysicist...Oh, and the figure skating thing is both strange and kool...I can dig it. πŸ˜‰

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