I have been changing so many diapers that I've got the "Desitin finger." This 40% zinc oxide cream is all embedded in my pointer finger cracks, and deeply ingrained under my fingernail. The grossest part? I realized it after I absentmindedly chewed on my fingernail and tasted the weird soapy Desitin taste. Then also remembered that the reason it's covered in Desitin is because I wipe it on my baby's butt. Eeeeeeeeeew.

7 thoughts on “Geeeerrrrosssss

  1. Well, we've had the "poop spraying across the room" experience, and the "mega-loads of green snot aspirated out of the face" experience. Just waiting for the "projectile vomiting" experience and we'll have a good starter collection.

  2. Projectile vomiting will complete the newborn trifecta for you. You should be good then until they become mobile...

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