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Oh for goodness' sake. My first "real" day back at work, and I had arranged everything perfectly. Even though dad is out of town so I'm flying solo, I got myself ready and fed, the car all packed up, set to go before the baby woke up. Get her in the car, successfully perform our ~2 hour/90 mile one way commute, make it to daycare on time, get to my office before my first meeting is about to start. Meetings scheduled chock-a-block all day, with only about 10 minutes in between at crucial bodily fluid collection times. Get to the first of those 10 minute time blocks, feeling like I'm gonna fricking explode, and:

OMFG I FORGOT THE %$%#@& DROP-INS LINERS AT HOME!!!!1111!!@1!12@!!@!

90 miles away. With no time to even rush to a freaking Walgreens. Let's just say the emergency improvisation involved blotting bags, a heat sealer and some lab tape. A friend dubbed me the McGuyver of moms, and indeed perhaps someday I will be worthy of this title. I totally shudder to think of what will happen if I ever forget the whole pump at home:

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  1. Oh wow! I am in awe of your McGuyver skillz. That said, I wonder how the intensity of the vacuum lines compares to the hospital grade pump. If it can save me 10 minutes....

  2. If you left the pump at home you would just say "screw these meetings, d00ds, I am off to Walgreens to buy me a new pump! Unless some one of you thinks you are clever enough to McGuyver one in five minutes. Which I highly doubt. Bye bye!" There is no meeting in the world important enough that you could not be caught up on what happened by some colleague who was there to take notes while you were out getting yourself a new duplicate pump. If Jesus Christ himself was going to be at your meeting it would still not be worth it. And my guess is he would conclude that either the meeting could be adequately carried on without you being there, or, if your presence was so vital, it could be rescheduled until such time as you could be there.

  3. Haha! That's so true, Zuska. The only ones I'd be worried about missing were the crucial ones my students need me for, but even those can always be shuffled around for biological emergencies.

  4. With that commute, I'd probably start dreaming up ways to improvise a pump with the vacuum line (only cuz I myself would be sure to leave that at home next).BTW, I can't seem to get the MacGyver theme song out of my head now... 😉

  5. Wow.10 minutes is a tough timeslot to fit pumping into!Good luck.-a new reader facing similar challenges, but with a much shorter commute!

  6. I'm REALLY fast--I watched the time once, and I get more than 25 ml/min most times--closer to 50 sometimes. My letdown is CRAZY strong.

  7. I adore this slide.And I'm way jealous of your pumping mojo. Even on a good day it takes me 25 min to pump 5 oz (from each)...and there aren't many good days. Congratulations!

  8. My friend was like you--she could get 8 oz or more per side in a session. I, alas, was more like Dr. J. I was lucky to get 2-3 oz per side in 30 minutes. Either way, I highly recommend a spare set of parts to keep at work. Makes things much easier, especially if you plan to pump until 1 year and/or plan on more kids.

  9. BTDT. More than once I pumped into conical tubes and Tissue Culture flasks.Ahh the things you do when you are absent minded! I promise though, it will be at least a little while before you forget them again!

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