DOD Breast Cancer Idea award information

I have been going over the recent announcements from the DOD about the various breast cancer funding opportunities and I saw this about the Idea award:

Investigators in postdoctoral positions are strongly encouraged to apply.

The awards are for a max of two years and $375,000 DIRECT costs... so pretty decent and substantial amount to potentially create a truly independent opportunity for a postdoc.

It also introduces a 'collaborative option,' that explicitly CANNOT be with your postdoctoral mentor (read: chance to establish an outside relationship, with money attached, with someone else) where the max allowed direct costs are $550,000. And if your work involves population-based studies (presumably would require lots of patient material or recruitment), you can get up to $750,000.

Very interesting... especially in light of all the postdoctoral disgruntlement discussions that have been going around recently. These awards could be your ticket outta there...

3 thoughts on “DOD Breast Cancer Idea award information

  1. These are fantastic, particularly the collaborative option. One thing I can't emphasize enough (I have reviewed these for DoD in the recent past) is the collaboration is best if it is new (not existing), innovative, and the applicants must "describe how their combined expertise in the collaboration will better address the research question." This last bit is the heart and soul of the Collaboration Statement, and a lot of times in panel this piece comes off as an after-thought.

  2. Cath - sadly, no, that hasn't changed, and it won't when annual appropriations are held flat. Another facet of this is that programmatic review (the Integration Panel) sets their payline based on thematic balance, so an Excellent grant in a less-invested area can sometimes beat out an Outstanding grant in a more common one.

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