It's like magic...

We hit the 6 week mark, and it is like having a different baby. She sleeps fairly regularly, smiles and wants to play when she wakes up, only fusses when she's hungry plus a bit in the evenings when she's getting tired and easily calms down when held.

I'm sure we'll hit other tough phases, and maybe I am jinxing myself to weeks of cranky baby--but this is really lovely. Something major must happen to their brain chemicals and social development within the course of a day or two, making them suddenly feel like other people make them happy even if they don't bring milk.

5 thoughts on “It's like magic...

  1. We had the same thing happen. At 6 weeks we both woke up in the middle of the night well after the time the Wee One usually woke up for her first feeding and thought something happened to her. Things get easier after that.

  2. Hi! I just followed a random link over from Dr. Jekyll's blog, and had to laugh at landing on this post. We're on our second baby now, and all I can say is... it is all just a phase. The bad times are a phase, but so, unfortunately, are the good times. There is a definite arc of more and more good times, though. And I found that recognizing that it is all just a phase was actually a good thing- it made me a more relaxed mom. If you're interested in what's going on in terms of development, check out What's Going on in There, by Lise Eliot. Also, there is a good development blog called Child of Mind. One of the blog authors is also the co-author of a book called Bedtiming. It is primarily about when it is good to work on sleep issues (from a developmental standpoint), but it starts off with an interesting run down of developmental psychology.There is also a book called "Wonder Weeks" that has some interesting data about periods of fussiness and relates that to developmental leaps.Long story short, yes 6 weeks is one of the recognized times of "goodness". Enjoy it! You're probably getting some real smiles now, too, right? Those are the best.

  3. Hah Cloud, yes, I know from what others say and what I've been reading that it's ever-changing--it's these little breathing breaks that make this easier. It also is such a major transition to go from this grumpy little needy thing to an interested person--when you have "contact" for the first time, it makes the crappy parts feel more worth it.

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