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Like I mentioned earlier, I'll be an ad-hoc reviewer for NIH in a few weeks. I knew I'd have an approximately 2-month old baby by that time when I agreed to do the review--and figured I'd wing it and figure things out somehow at the time. Now that I HAVE this baby girl around, it was a lot scarier of a prospect than I anticipated seeing as how we still feel like it's a monumental challenge to take a shower and go to the mall with her. I decided to bring a meeting nanny: my sister is going to hang out with us. Luckily the meeting is in the same hotel where we're staying, and it's all very conveniently located with respect to airports, public transport, etc. It's also very cool that the SRO and assistant are happy to help plan my accommodations so things will work out--they've arranged for me to get a room with two beds so my sister can stay with us, and they are letting my stay be slightly more extended so I have more time to deal with traveling with a little baby. Now we just need to reserve a crib for the hotel room, order these fancy "diaper needs" packages that the hotel will put together for you, and we'll be all set! 🙂

One other cool thing was to participate in the pre-review teleconference with my cellphone on speaker while wearing my pajamas and feeding, soothing and changing a baby. Go technology!

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  1. We traveled to a conference when Small was 8 weeks. Stayed in conference hotel; mom came to serve as nanny, much as you're planning. It worked fine for us, though it was a bit insane and we set our conference objectives very low. NURSE on the plane to deal with ear issues. Bring plenty of changing pad covers or whatever you're changing her on (we ended up throwing one out after a particularly lagoon-like poop.) Start the packing list well in advance so you can add to it as you go about your day.And it's not such a bad thing to have maid service!

  2. So good to read this post. My husband and I are planning a family while I'm looking for faculty positions. I've been soooo nervous how things will work out if I have a little one when meetings, etc, come up!

  3. Back in the fall, I (stupidly?) agreed to be on a review panel, even though I knew I would have a 1-2 month old at the time. Luckily, the whole thing will be done over teleconferences/email; now I just need to figure out how to talk on the phone while nursing and calming a crying baby! I can't even imagine travel yet - how did it go?

  4. It went REALLY well, I had an awesome time, she traveled great, and my sister was a wonderful hotel nanny. It was also an important step back into my work brain for me--my sanity started to improve dramatically after that experience. I really liked it.Good luck, don't be too scared!

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