No love for the pregnant lady

You know, I was looking forward to my Minnesotan-"Oh noh, it's okahyee, I don't want to bother anyone!"-self getting to accept some sympathetic charity door-holding, seat-offering and otherwise special treatment you are supposed to get when you're pregnant. But have I gotten any love?? NO!!! I have had none of those kindnesses from strangers, in fact, I've had people budge in front of me in lines and rush to get a seat before I do many a time. I even had one experience at 8.5 months at a gas station where *I* held the door for some other, non-pregnant lady who didn't even say thank you, and she rushed in front of me and hurried to the single-occupant bathroom before I could make it there with my waddle! We both stood there in line waiting for someone else to come out, so she could tell that was where I was headed. Beeyatch, pregnant ladies need to pee badder than you do! I scowled at her when she left.

I also had multiple experiences at 7-8 months, rushing as fast as I could manage through airports trying to make connections after my plane came in late, OBVIOUSLY struggling (a couple of times I even started to cry), and nobody helped me--I got passed from both directions by more than one non-busy-looking airport beepy truck-cart thing, and nuthin.' I was too out of breath and agitated to yell after them to come back for me, and nobody else came to my rescue, either.

Boo, world, boo! Whaaaaaa frickin' whaaaa!

6 thoughts on “No love for the pregnant lady

  1. That sucks. I was treated pretty well but also didn't hesitate to GRAB as needed. Felt free to jump bus queues to get a seat, or to look pointedly at people if I needed one. So maybe you'll want to unleash the Pregnant Minnesota Nice Bitch?but yeah, people can suck.

  2. Yeah, you might get that in NYC, but don't expect nothing on the Boston T. When my wife was in late pregnancy, with a broken foot and boot to boot (HA!), hardly anyone would offer her a seat. Sometimes she'd ask some apparently able bodied man and in return get scowls and sighs. Other postdocs in the lab had the same experience when they were pregnant tooBuncha heathens around here. I think it correlates with poor baseball team preference.Hang in there!

  3. In DC, the chance of being offered help/a seat/to cut the line is inversely proportional to the socioeconomic status of the neighborhood. I NEVER once had to stand in Anacostia, and I was NEVER once offered a seat in Chevy Chase.

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