I want to blog about something so, soooo bad but I can't because of the inevitable gradual dissolution of my pseudonymity and the potential that the wrong people would read it...


If anyone wants to hear my possibly profanity-laden tirade, just spot me an email and I'll indulge you (as long as you are not a secret spy out to expose my frustration on this issue). GRRAAGGGH.

2 thoughts on “ZOMG

  1. May be it is not a bad idea to refrain from blogging until you get through the tenure process.Where is the academic freedom? Hope all is well with your pregnancy. Not to stress over much as it would have some impact on the baby.

  2. It's just one of those things: various political situations in departments that we can't talk about except with select, trustworthy friends. In addition to some of my local friends/colleagues, I'm lucky to have a few blogfriends here who don't mind opening their ears for a good ranty discussion, so even though I can't blog about it directly it still helps to have a place to just say "ZOMG" and get some support. :)I'm comfortable blogging about many/most things, even pre-tenure, and I'm also not afraid to stand up for myself or a principle when it's really necessary, but I do know it's never a good idea to have the rant you wouldn't have "in public" show up in what is essentially a public forum on the internets.

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