Study Section!

Whoo, I just got my first invitation to participate in an NIH review panel. I'm super excited! It'll be happening towards the end of my so-far-scheduled maternity leave, and it will be interesting to see whether that makes it more or less stressful to focus on (compared to when I'm back in business on campus)... It's also a field I'm really interested in, and a type of grant I'm relatively (in my junior investigator inexperience) experienced with. That will make it easier to not feel like a noob, although I am sure I still will. Should be fun!

8 thoughts on “Study Section!

  1. Congrats, I wish they would let folks just sit in on those for fun, I'd pay money to sit through one and just watch what happens.

  2. This is absolutely fantastic; there were few things more valuable to me in my own grant writing early in my asst professorship than serving ad hoc on study section. It's a terrific time drain but an excellent chance to see the process - kind of like watching sausages being made - I suspect that you will actually enjoy yourself!

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