The homestretch

of pregnancy...

is making me want to chew on baking soda and eat salt crystals. I used to do this when I was a teenager: it was some form of pica, where I would just chew on then spit out spoonfuls of baking soda before they dissolved. Then I would rinse out the residue and make sure not to swallow any of it. I started craving this again now that I am at month 8. I guess it's good for my teeth? I am trying to avoid the salt eating since my ankles are already swelling enough without excessive salt. But my BP is still low so at least that's not a worry.

I am also addicted to chewing on ice--and not just any ice, it has to be certain sizes and shapes of ice cubes to be the best, approximately 1 x 0.5 x 0.5 inches, the more rock-like the better. Of course any ice will suffice but only that kind makes me truly happy.

7 thoughts on “The homestretch

  1. Hmmm ... hadn't heard of the baking soda cravings before.I can highly recommend Doritos though. Sodium is your friend ... as is acrylamide and unnaturally bright food coloring.

  2. At this stage, I think you can gnaw on anything you damn well please. Including husband's hands or patience.

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