You know you don't get out enough when...

The Jimmy John's delivery kids know it's you by your voiceless, faceless online sandwich order and also know exactly how to find you in your labyrinthine hiding place of an office to bring you your lunch.

9 thoughts on “You know you don't get out enough when...

  1. CPP they are a purveyor of fine sandwiches and sandwich-like products. Its similar to a Jersey Mikes or a Thundercloud subs.

  2. sub-style dude. I get the ham and cheese one (with extra dijon mustard and extra lettuce, plus an oatmeal cookie and a bottle of water) almost twice a week these days. I can order it online and don't have to talk to anyone, and the delivery kids bring it within about 15 minutes!! It helps me make sure I eat enough to feed this growth I have.

  3. Does your university not have burrito carts outside all the areas that contain large numbers of graduate students (as I assume your science building must)?

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