Oh, blog.

I wish I had time to write in you. There are so many things to talk about, but 2nd year junior faculty life is kicking my butt. I am barely hanging in here, with days that fill with "essential" tasks that end up having little to do with getting my grants written.

Last year I made a figure that illustrated that I still have time available in the day and should be able to maintain efficiency even when busy. I now take that back.

There should be a little window of blogging opportunity here and there, especially once the semester ends and I am working from home as a 9-month pregnant lady waiting for a baby to come out.

Until then, little substance is likely from me. 🙁

5 thoughts on “Oh, blog.

  1. We are all on the same boat, friend... that is one of the problem with blogging, namely that you feel bad if you stay too long without writing anything...

  2. My problem (and I'm sure part of yours, too) is that if I get a few moments to relax, my #1 instinct is not to sit down and hammer out a post. Hang in there, friend.

  3. Tell me about it; I have - right now, having submitted 3 last week -no grant deadlines; but nor have I yet made an inroad into the pile of unpublished ms that are what might actually get me tenure. Which I submit in a year despite having only been here one year.Did I mention the 48 exams I have to grade for tomorrow morning? :)And yes, I KNOW that one of the tasks I am behind on is being a much, much better correspondent and instigator of new collaborations...

  4. Heh it's okay Ewan, we've been busily improving upon the various techniques we can do and developing new ways to look at the stuff we're doing. So things will only be even more interesting when we eventually get to it! :)And thanks everyone, too, I know this is one particular world where everybody understands the feeling!! 😀

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