Lab supply company corruption!

The student who does the ordering in my lab just had a really weird experience. She was outside talking on her phone and passed by one of the sales reps from whom we buy some of our supplies. He called her over and asked who she was talking to--she said she was helping someone with directions who didn't know where to park on campus. He said he would give her his temporary parking pass if she would order more stuff from him! She felt a little taken aback and said it wasn't her money, is was Dr. Arlenna's money and Dr. Arlenna knows what she likes in her products. He said something to the effect of "Sure, but you could still make some choices that would get me more orders, and then you could get this parking pass for your friend..." My student then looked at him funny, said "No thanks," and walked away.

What a strange little version of corruption! And good on my student for not caving to the attempted bribe! I don't think you should offer personal favors to lab managers to get more business--promos, better prices, that's one thing. But what's it gonna be next: dinner out? A vacation to the Bahamas (lol)? Where does he think we are, here, Illinois?

4 thoughts on “Lab supply company corruption!

  1. AHAHAHAHAHAH!!!! Almost every day, there is some company or another with a table set up in the hall outside our stockroom laden with donuts and shit.What I find more disturbing than the low level palm-greasing is some relative stranger asking me who I'm talking to on the phone as I walk by. My answer would have been, "What the fuck business is it of yours who I'm talking to?"

  2. I've hurled doughnuts at a rep before and told them to get the hell out of my lab. The only thing I will take from a vendor rep is a product pamphlet or information sheet. No pens, no t-shirts (unless I'm cashing in lab points program for shit I already bought from them), or swanky water bottles. The only way a vendor can sway me is to offer same or better quality products at a cheaper price. Other than that someone is getting their ass chased down the hall with a shank made from a broken serological pipet.

  3. Oh, I'll happily eat their donuts and take their schwag and then not buy their products. I also am perfectly happy to accept schwag as a bonus with stuff I was going to buy anyway. But I refuse to be persuaded to buy their shitty, less functional or more expensive products just because they gave me stuff.

  4. That's retarded. What a loser salesperson. I am never, ever persuaded my the shitty attempts of lab supply reps to get me to buy their goods.

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