Being a hypersensitive hypochondriac is useful for something

I am super-neurotic about noticing little pains/weird feelings/bumps/whatever around my body. To the point where it irritates the heck out of my family since they are always having to listen to me talk about what new nerve pain I have going on from my herniated disc, etc.

But it's very useful when trying to start feeling baby movements: I was able to feel the first ones at about 14-15 weeks.My doctor was like "Aw, it probably isn't're probably just feeling gas" but I'm now 18 weeks, and it's stronger, and I definitely know that's what it is now, and what it was before. It's pretty cool. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Being a hypersensitive hypochondriac is useful for something

  1. Yay! Babies moving around are awesome. Just wait until your partner can see it, because it looks like a scene from "Alien."So cool. And yet a little freaky.

  2. Yeah, the whole "hand or foot pushing out" thing is cool, but unnerving. Every week is different, enjoy them all.

  3. When pregnant listen carefully to your body and don't hesitate to ask questions and be concerned. It is hard to know when something is just neurosis and when its serious so don't feel bad about leaning toward the overly concerned side.

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