8 thoughts on “My cousin's story is being told.

  1. how absolutely awful. my condolences to you and your family.it is insane that in a country like America, the richest country in the world, that money is not spent on public healthcare.I am always shocked when the issue of health insurance in the US comes up. It's not just the extremely poor who suffer.I love America, but every time I visit I am so shocked at the rich / poor divide. As a researcher I envy the massive funding available in the states but what's the point of that if people cannot even get access to healthcare

  2. I'm so sorry Arlenna. I'm glad though that you and your family are getting your cousin's story out. It needs to be heard. I hope your country eventually gets the healthcare system it deserves.

  3. Every single one of these fucked up politician scumbags who are in the pocket of the health insurance industry who kill any attempt at providing universal government-funded health care to all US citizens bears personal responsibility for the premature death of your cousin.

  4. Your cousin's story is so sad, so unfortunate, so unnecessary. She looked like a beautiful woman with a life-loving smile.

  5. Access to healthcare is a RIGHT, not a PRIVILEGE. What happened to your cousin is a tragedy but is, unfortunately, not uncommon. The US government should be ashamed that your cousin was treated like this and paid the ultimate price. US citizens should be outraged that this continues to happen. Fingers crossed that Obama's government-backed insurance plan goes ahead so that people like Nora can get the medical assistance they need.

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