During the reference cleanup for a manuscript, I hate finding brand new papers that do something extremely similar to what I am writing up!!!!! DAMMIT!

I mean, I guess it's better than finding a really old paper that shows you are a dumbass. But it still sucks majorly to find out that you can't claim to be the first people who have done something.

6 thoughts on “Scoooooooop!!!!

  1. It happens, hopefully you have some better work done on the topic than they do. We may not all be the first to blaze trails but we may rather aid our colleagues who blazed the trails that led to the edge of the intellectual cliff.

  2. Yeah, I've mostly gotten over it now, and we do have some (what we think are) significant advances on what they reported. But still, it means we probably won't get into the journal we were hoping for since it "has already been published."

  3. One of the ways we try to avoid this kind of scenario is to develop novel tools that no one else has access to until we disclose them. It helps when it's shit that any reasonable person would predict couldn't possibly work!

  4. This one is actually kind of like that... it's pretty obscure that this would work. It's not the main push of my lab, but it is a cool way to analyze the stuff that we do--the thing we got the Concept award for. We're still going to be able to publish it, and we're going to work our butts off to get the next stage of super awesomeness done first. But the part that sucks the most is that their paper is in a shitty journal and is itself pretty shitty--their data isn't nearly as good as ours and we have lots of lovely controls and a much cleaner, more robust version of the technique. They suck and we rule, but now we can't publish with as high of an impact as we would have been able to. Boo.

  5. Haha, I wrote a post on a very related topic today. Same shit, too late. And yes, CPP, it's always nice to be developing uber novel tools that no one else can use, but that's just not always possible given the field of research.

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