Covers meme (late again!)

I wasn't tagged for this by anyone and was gonna contrarian out, but then I was reminded of these three covers that are possibly my most favorite covers of all time--and indeed three of my favorite songs in these versions. I wasn't particularly fond of any of the originals, which is what makes these even better covers to me. Y'all will probably think they are weird, but I love them! All are by the Moog Cookbook.

Basket Case/Greenday:

Buddy Holly/Weezer:

Black Hole Sun/Soundgarden:

7 thoughts on “Covers meme (late again!)

  1. What the fucking fuck? That's bizarro! And what's with the montage in the Green Day clip? A random picture of the cast from St Elsewhere? Again, bizarro. Have you been sipping some of those lab chemicals, Arlenna!!?

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