Bite me LiCor!

F'ing LiCor scanner software, mysteriously throwing away my scan that took 26 minutes to complete you piece of crap! I needed to leave to go home on my 86 mile drive half an hour ago, and now I have to wait for your ass for another 26 minutes!


Update 26 minutes later again: Oh, and now my dye is dead. Thanks a lot. Now I have to start all over from the beginning.

5 thoughts on “Bite me LiCor!

  1. Wow. The microscopy demons have possessing your scope lately too. I feel your pain. Do you know of a good exorcism service?

  2. Most of the time it works fine, it was just yesterday that it decided to screw me over. It's also a lot to do with that particular antibody, its signal is not very stable.Yesterday was just a bad day, and that last anti-icing really didn't help. 😛

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