7 thoughts on “Purty, but missing the green.

  1. In some cells the red shit looks like something in the ER, but in others it looks like maybe actin in the filopodia.

  2. Either one of those things could be pretty cool. I still need the green to know how significant it could be, though. I also need all those organelle stains (damn those things have a lot of background in what I've tried!).

  3. Have you tried using a wicking clamp and capillary slides? Gives me wonderful resolution, and I only have to use ~75ul per slide of any given stain.

  4. These are live cells, so I can't do that. Would love to be able to! 😛 These experiments don't work in fixed cells so I have no choice.

  5. What about frozen sections? That, at least, doesn't alter epitopes.Of course, I have no idea what you're looking for so I could well be talking out of my ass.

  6. heh. Nope, still a no-go. The cells have to be metabolically functional for our research to be interesting. 🙂 We're watching dynamics of stuff in living individual cells.

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