Oh, plastics.

Lab plastics are the bane of our existence right now. In my postdoc lab, we had certain products from certain brands and they worked a certain way for all of these organic solvent/strong acid mixtures I used to put in them with my various types of experiments. Now, of course, we have tried to move to some different varieties and find that they leach all kinds of background-producing additives into our experiments, and nobody can make the crucial technology of the lab give them reproducible, usable data. GREAT! Who knows if my old lab even still has any of the exact type that worked for me before--so we may never know where to get more, and we'll just have to try a bazillion samples until we get something that works. All when this is the LAST THING WE NEED TO GET THE DATA ON for our paper that really needs to be submitted TWO MONTHS AGO, and meanwhile people keep wasting their precious sample, which we will need to re-run, on these non-working plastics. Sigh.

8 thoughts on “Oh, plastics.

  1. These are 96-well plates, so glass isn't a very practical option unfortunately. They also need to be a certain well shape. I wish we could find them in glass!

  2. Wow Arlenna! That's crazy! I've heard that one of the issues in biosciences can be the brand/materials used for your equipment, and I was like REALLY??? that sounds annoying, and I hope you find something that works soon!

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