Trudging along

I know science gears turn slowly. I have been experiencing this for 14 years (since starting research in high school). But still, it is still a grinding source of frustration to be waiting for other people to turn those gears. This is one of the most difficult aspects of my transition from data maker to PI.

The only thing that salves it is to have multiple people's irons in the fire so that at least SOMEBODY shows me SOMETHING approximately once a day. And this summer, I have to buckle down and do some work in the lab myself, so I am sure by the end of that escapade I will be extremely happy to go back to having other people bring me the data.

But MY GOD it feels slow!!!

6 thoughts on “Trudging along

  1. I know, I can't go two hours without some fucking data, man!!Do you got any? Because I'm losin' it here.

  2. I can see the tracks from your data mainlining from here.INTERVENTION!And yet somehow, I've never really worked with someone like this. My advisors have all been quite a bit more hands off, which has its good and not-as-good aspects.

  3. DATA JUNKIE and hands-on/-off are totally orthogonal PI character traits. My post-doc mentor--and now I--are both DATAJUNKIES!!11!!1!ELEVENTY, bbut also quite hands-off.

  4. Well, r^2 might not be 1, but it sure ain't 0.And I wouldn't say they were uninterested, so it's possible that when I do tell them stuff they are gettin that little high. It's just they aren't the types to be trolling through the lab looking for a data score.

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