DOD Concept award

I freakin' got one!!

All my frantic submissions last fall are coming to term in the last month or so, and of the four swings, I've got one hit on this one. This is for a project on the super-cool exciting collaboration with an awesome guy next door. We've got some really nifty preliminary data in the meantime, too, so we have an inkling that it will work.

I still have a chance to make it to another base next month--a different project was selected internally to go forward for a local pilot project grant, and we have a reasonable chance of getting that one as well.

Tiny baby steps, not big money, but enough extra infusion to keep the new project directions moving towards R01 readiness! Combined with the K99, we're doing pretty well around here for our first year!!


20 thoughts on “DOD Concept award

  1. w00t! This is a great accomplishment, especially since the Concept awards are more based on the inventiveness of the research idea rather than pedigree or past research record. This is a fabulous acknowledgment of your promise and your chair and search committee should be ecstatic that they hired you. Congratulations!

  2. Sweeeeeeeeet! That's a really tough one to get. May your experiments be successful and your concept be proven!

  3. Thanks everybody! I am super pumped. Especially because, like Abel noted, the reviews for this are double-blind so there are no politics (or at least almost none) involved in that stage. They just looked at it and thought it was an awesome idea! Wheeee!

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