First batch of pottery

A while ago I talked about how I joined the local pottery club. I have my first few things all the way through the process now, and I was pretty pleased with them! The first two pieces I am not showing anybody because they suck. But the next three after that went much better--I got back on the horse, so to speak.

I like to play with glaze overlays and make cool color combinations. I'm going to end up being the "Glaze Chair" which means I'll be helping organize and manage the club's glazes. I'm very excited about that, because it's materials science and inorganic chemistry, so it will give my brain some exercise, too!

But anyway, here are my first few pieces: a small green bowl with a shiny black glaze on top; a purple/blue cylinder; and a cream/blue/brown pitcher. I'm especially excited about how the pitcher turned out looking like it was soda fired because the underglaze was thin.

7 thoughts on “First batch of pottery

  1. Very cool, but not something I'd ever be good at, I'm afraid. The glazing adds something special- you will be a great 'chair of glaze'! 🙂

  2. Nice beginner work! Some of the pieces are a little underfired, but they still work to your advantage. Iron Ozide and Manganese are cool to experiment with. Good work.. Nice trim jobs.Porcelain is fun, you will probably like it.

  3. Yeah, I took a soda-fired porcelain class about eight years ago, I loved it. I hope to do some of that again at some point.For now, I don't have much control over the firing: there's a "firing committee" for that and it will require some negotiations to change anything.

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