Why Tyra Banks is my mentorship role model

I love ANTM. LOVE it. And here is why: Tyra Banks is an excellent mentor.

1. She never holds back on blunt reality

2. She doesn't let favoritism bias her judgement, she takes every performance at value

3. She never gives a harsh critique without also offering a specific example of how to do better

4. She makes decisions according to what needs to happen rather than what will make people like her

So whatever people might say about talk shows, models, patriarchy and the like: this lady takes what there is to work with and does business. Does it well, and while giving as many straight-talking legs up as she can in that business.

6 thoughts on “Why Tyra Banks is my mentorship role model

  1. 5. She can show contestants how to turn a suggestive smile into a smouldering pout by simply activating slightly different facial muscles.Amazing 🙂

  2. Smile with your eyes....Are you catching the Oxygen network's ANTM marathons each Sunday? I know my DVR is!

  3. I love ANTM too! I even have an ANTM tag on my blog. I have only watched the opener for this season so far (bc of vacay), but I'm looking forward to catching up! Tyra *is* a good mentor. Not only all the things you say, but she's smart, she has great connections, and she knows what the hell she's doing.

  4. Yay! I love Tyra too, she is so honest and forthcoming and is not afraid of 'controversial' topics. I know that there would not have been any plus sized or transgendered on ANTM if it were not for her. Model through it ladies!

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