Super exciting collaborations

I just had one of those collaboration meetings where everybody is so excited to talk about the work, and we were all totally bouncing off each others' ideas so fast that we went from mapping out our first pilot experiment to building the skeleton of a kick-ass five year or more research program in about half an hour! These are my absolute favorite kinds of interactions: they were what made my postdoc environment such an ideal place for me to be, and it makes all the difference in the world to have found another PI and some students here to have this much fun with.

Yeehaw! We are gonna make the coolest non-invasive in vivo detection system EVAH!!

7 thoughts on “Super exciting collaborations

  1. Yeehaw! We are gonna make the coolest non-invasive in vivo detection system EVAH!!Damn I am so jealous ! I really wish I had one of those myself (second only to the iPhone) :-)Hey, kidding aside, congratulations, you seem to be off to a smoking start. Clearly those who hired you hit a home run this time.

  2. OK, I'm intrigued (and also amused by the idea of starting a collaboration from a blog post 🙂 ). It's hard to tell from the few details, but if this is a brain-relevant system and you are willing to discuss slightly more, drop me a line!

  3. Ewan, I just e-stalked you (based on your real name in one of the blogs in your blog profile--I was looking for a bog email address and couldn't find one, not TRYING to e-stalk!).I'd be totally down with something like that! Especially if you're patient, since we're still getting rolling. 🙂

  4. Woohoo :). [And, sorry, I assume you could see the email address I posted from.]Collaboration *and* a stalker. My day is complete.

  5. Hmm, I haven't found any functionality in Blogger that tells me the email addresses. I just used your profile, which was pretty easy to stalk since you have a name, lol. I'll have to find out if it is in there, then I can e-stalk EVERYBODY who comments on my blog! 😀 Because I clearly have time for that!

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