Can't... breathe...

Jan 11 2009 Published by under Uncategorized

Oh man, it's too bad this product is discontinued, because our dog is emitting toxic fumes that threaten to choke us out of the house. It's way too cold outside to get away.

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  • AC says:

    I am not a pet-owner and this is potentially a very dumb question. Is it possible to make one/try to replace the content inside? Activated charcoal can be pretty cheap.

  • Arlenna says:

    I'm sure I could--hahaha. Our poor dog!

  • Ambivalent Academic says:

    Poor Megatron (and poor you!)...have you considered trying a different dogfood? My pooch is pretty stinky on some stuff, but does a LOT better on the better (more expensive) kibble - ScienceDiet or Nutra. They don't use any weird fillers like chicken feathers or peanut hulls, which tend to give many dogs the farts.Mine still toots, but is odor-free unless we've been feeding him table scraps.

  • Arlenna says:

    Yeah, we're thinking of trying him on something else if it doesn't get better. He's on Eukanuba regular formula right now, but I wanted to get him eating Nutro Naturals to avoid the corn products. Once we see how his digestion has settled in from his big move, we'll look into something like that for sure.

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