New baby!

Well, I didn't birth him, but he's good practice!

We adopted an ex-racing greyhound yesterday. We'd been thinking about it for almost six years, but never had a situation where we thought it would work out--now we finally do. He is a wonderful dog: so mellow, very well-behaved, friendly and happy to see anyone and everyone. The first thing he did when he came in the house was find his bed and try it out. He slept almost all day yesterday, all through the night (until 5 am when he started ear-flapping), and is currently napping again. He'd probably be a good office dog! I wonder if that's frowned-upon at my new place?

My husband decided we needed to name him Megatron, so that's his new name. We're going to call him Mega for short. He is going to improve our routine scheduling consistency, and help us with our exercise program: he needs to go for a walk twice a day--and so do we.

7 thoughts on “New baby!

  1. Oh, your guy is really cute! They do look really similar--but ours is from Iowa. They may be some kind of cousin, however!

  2. Congratulations!!!! Dogs are such a wonderful addition to a family...and giving racing greyhounds a new lease on life is a very nice of you....hooray!!!! Happy New Year!

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