Thanksgiving experiment

I'm gonna picture-blog this one, because it's just not the same telling this story without the images, and I am lazy about thinking and writing right now (too many proposals to write tomorrow! Need brain energy conserved!).

I know before I have talked about how being too wife-y (you know, stereotypes, baking, worries about perception that may just be me being paranoid) freaks me out sometimes. But the truth is, I *LOVE* being domesticated, I love cooking and baking, I think of it like planning large experiments and art projects, with multiple components that have to be coordinated and a lovely outcome where I get to show a little bit of my personality (unless I screw it up and it's gross, then it gets to be a funny story, but I'll brag that this doesn't happen very often). We hosted our family Thanksgiving at our house, and I got to wife-out completely all day, and it was awesome.

I work better with a plan (and so does my family, although they still spend the whole time going "What am I doing now? What about the potatoes? What is happening with the *insert name of dish here*?"), so I totally nerded out and formulated a set of protocols and a schedule detailing the phases of the day:

Close up on my "phases" schedule:

Having the schedule meant that everything got done on time and I didn't have to stress out.

The parts were prepped:

The pre-cooking got done:

everybody got to play Rock Band while the heritage Bourbon Red turkey cooked:

And we had a good old Midwestern, euro-tinged Thanksgiving dinner on our new wedding china (pretty much the only time we'll be using this stuff...right?):

I even flexed my artisan baking skillzz, making a pretty awesome chocolate cake (with ganache icing and pomegranate seeds), kind of just so I could use my cake stand, but also because my Scottish husband thinks pumpkin pie is disgusting:

11 thoughts on “Thanksgiving experiment

  1. Looks like a great Thanksgiving day!I especially like the Rock Band and #7 on your list: EAT!And for the record, your Scottish husband is right on the money with his pie choices. The smell of pumpkin pie makes me nauseous. Literally. Yuck!

  2. You have divine taste in china patterns (we have exactly the same... all still in its original box, stored in my parents' basement and my mother-in-law's guest room).

  3. everything looks great. science and cooking are very similar.What are your thoughts on rock band? Is it that much fun? I don't have it, but I was thinking about getting rockband 2.

  4. Rock Band is totally awesometastic, but you have to have XBox Live to download the whole cohort of good songs. There are lots of good ones on the first version that you want access to, and also lots of other fun songs that aren't in the main game. In general, there are a few too many punk kid harder rock songs than suits me, but there are plenty of good singing songs too. A tip: during boring rappy songs like Sabotage, you can just hold the mic up to the speaker and pwn it on Expert.It is one of THE most fun games for a group, besides something like Super Mario Kart (which we also played a lot of--so much that my sister said all she saw last night when she closed her eyes was Mario Kart).

  5. That is awesome...I dig meal protocols. My Scottish BH could subsist on pumpkin pie alone. I on the other hand could take it or leave it...but that chocolate cake...mmmm!

  6. I'm reminded of a certain line in David Lynch's Blue Velvet. Don't knock the PBR. If it's coming in a can, it had better be PBR.Oh, I also really liked the china pattern. Flowery bad, elegant and understated good).

  7. I'm amused by the PBR sitting on what is otherwise a very adult, classy looking table. πŸ™‚I had a feeling you'd catch that one happycat. Heh!

  8. Looks awesome!You probably won't be shocked when I say I write out the protocol as well! We just have to embrace our geekishness- I guess. Speaking for myself of course!

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