First peptide synthesis!!

We started our first synthesis today with our synthesizer! We took a picture for posterity:

My lab manager set it all up and one of my undergrads was there, so we dragged her in too.

Since I bought enough high-grade TFA for the next ten years (12 x 4L bottles because the price was better by the case!) we decided we'll have a party when we use up the last bottle called the "Last Bottle of TFA Party" and we'll get this old picture out and reminisce about the old days in the lab.

While I'm in a celebratory mood I also wanted to show you all what I decided to do about Marc Jacobs not selling my original 11-year-pine-for bag anymore. I decided to use my 'personal funds' part of my first paycheck to get a different, but equally beautiful one instead! I LOVE it! It has made me incredibly happy so far, so I guess money can buy happiness sometimes:

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