Uh oh!

I just got back home to find our Roomba had shut itself in the bathroom and run its battery down by frantically bumping in circles for who knows how long.

Poor old Roomba! It probably played the saddest little song to call out that it was confused and getting tired!

2 thoughts on “Uh oh!

  1. Hey, are those things good? I totally want one (laminate floors throughout), but don't know how my cats would feel about it...

  2. We love our Roomba. Other than getting stuck in the bathroom, it does a great job. We program it to just go around three times a week while we're at work and do the vacuuming. It's not always the best at getting every spot but the routine all-over-ness is awesome. We are "remember to vacuum once every two months" kind of people, so this makes us much cleaner.

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