Getting somewhere

My cousin Nora had some scans for her metastases the other day, and many of them are stable! I am super excited about this. She has been trying a lot of different things: "Sir Spheres" nanoparticles to target leaky tumor blood vessels, Abraxane (a version of taxol that comes pre-packaged in a little albumin delivery system), cyber-knife (gold-nanoparticle-guided targeted radiation therapy), Sutent (an RTK inhibitor) and good old-fashioned clean living with lots of extra vegetables and nutritional supplements. All of these things together seem to be making some progress, something we had not seen much of in the past few years of her experience.

Things aren't all smooth sailing though. There are other things going on in there that still need to be dealt with.

Even so, it is fascinating, exciting and beautiful to see all the hot topics in my research area come together to actually directly affect the life of someone I love very much.

You go Nora!! Someday we will make the Nora mouse with some of your tumor tissue that they froze down from before, to find out WHY all these things worked for you, and WHY it isn't doing as much on others but for now, let's just celebrate that they seem to be making some difference! Keep me up on what else gets figured out.

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