My K99/R00 guide (updated)

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Based on some conversations I had with people at our New Faculty Research Orientation yesterday, I cleaned up a Word version of this post yesterday and sent it to the people at the Office of the Vice President for Research here. They want to make it available in their office for future K99 applications from my institution.

I also have noticed a lot of people, maybe 5-10% of my hits per day, are coming in through google searches for K99/R00 information. That makes me happy, and I hope the guide helps you all write your proposals!

I plan to write up a companion guide for transitioning once I get to that stage. In the meantime, I am still waiting for my award to actually officially START so all I can say for that part is to reiterate that you should make sure you keep in phone contact with the people handling your application. They are your lifelines.

(updated to link to the guide post)

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