Faculty people are like yellow labs

At our New Faculty Research Orientation lunch today, we had Tim Sands giving us an advisory peptalk on getting going on our careers.* On the subject of not burning ourselves out too quickly, he made an analogy to his pets: when you go on vacation, you can just leave a bunch of food out for your cat and it will eat as necessary and pace itself and generally be fine on its own. But with a dog like his yellow lab, if he did that the dog would eat all the food right away (it wouldn't be able to help itself) and it would make itself sick. He said, being a faculty member at this institution is like being a yellow lab: there are open bags of dog food all over the place and we've been self-selected to be the kind of people who would eat ourselves sick. So we have to be careful to control ourselves especially at the beginning. I laughed so hard I almost started crying.

*if you are very keen on figuring out who I am, I just gave you a crucial piece of information for your e-stalk search, since I don't mind being identifiable even though I am not blogging under my own full name...

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