We're pretty much all moved into our new house. It's so nice to feel at home after about three years of feeling like we were continually crashing at someone else's place. I'll have to get used to living like an adult again after the fratgirl/bachelorette-style of the last couple of years. Not party-wise, you understand, but not-doing-laundry-or-dishes-regularly-wise and not-having-real-furniture-wise.

I've got an awful lot waiting for me at the new lab! Lots of stuff ordered and piled up, lots of people to check in with, lots of institutional political wrangling to navigate (some of which I'm already feeling even from my remote status), lots of instruments to get installed and up and running, lots of students to meet... I am just like a little kid before Christmas! I CANNOT wait until Monday, but I am going to try to enjoy my last weekend of 'not knowing the half of it' while I still can.

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