How long did it take until you did your first experiment?

Hey, to any PIs out there who read this (and who can do me a linky-favor and get more to come add to my database), answer me this:

How long did it take from your start date until the day the first experiment was done in your lab (whether by you or someone else in the lab, doesn't matter)?

I'm polling to get a better metric of how much my lab setup lady is setting me forward, both for her benefit and mine. I start 8/18 and I'll be counting off the clock starting then!

***THIS IS NOT A COMPETITION but rather a way to gauge how useful a lab setup lady can be***

8 thoughts on “How long did it take until you did your first experiment?

  1. I don't remember exactly but it was less than a month. I started ordering before I arrived and brought a few things with me to get going early. Some students from a well established lab came over and did those first experiments with me and they continued them for a bit before I started with my own people.

  2. You gotta calm down. What day you get your first experiment going is not important. Think big picture and long term.

  3. I'm not worried about the day I do my first experiment for progress' sake, but my lab lady can use it as a case study for getting more jobs. So, not a contest to see if I am more awesome than anybody else (which of course I am, why would I need to even ask?), but a way for her to advertise what she can do for people.

  4. Right away. My situation was unique- I was hired into the department where I was a non-tt person, in fact I inherited a lab that was basically set up already. I happened upon a very good employee in the first month, and I had a student worker from the first day...PP is right- don't worry about this, take the long view.

  5. I am no experimentalist but, don't stress yourself out even before getting started ! In any case, if you really need to have an idea, I don't see any problem asking your senior colleagues (assistant professors who are two to three years on the job can probably give you the most useful information). OK, I just read what PP wrote, I second that.

  6. Man, you guys are no use. šŸ˜› You were all too organized, and/or you are taking me too seriously. I'll still mark it on a calendar for myself as a milestone, just the same as I marked the day I got my driver's license and the day I got married. It'll be a big day to be running my own science in my own lab. And I'll just gently inquire around as I make friends in my new place to discreetly find out the information that my lab lady needs for her portfolio.

  7. i just started as a new faculty member (TT) in the beginning of july and started ordering and setting up my lab as soon as i got here (thus did very lil prep before moving) and i will be starting my first expmts today. so i guess that's about 2 1/2 months...

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