Proteomics on a Mac

Thank whichever gods you do or don't believe in, it is finally possible to do all your proteomics data processing on a Mac. And I'm not even talking about Windows and Boot Camp. Mac processing power/memory and virtual machine technology have finally caught up to the point where you can run a Windows VM for all your Trans-Proteomic Pipeline/Xcalibur/Windows-only-whathaveyou programs in one window and get at your data storage and presentation options on your Mac side without any problems.

I am praising the skies for this as of right now as I figure it out. Given the last five years of ridiculously ponderous switching back and forth between machines, I feel like someone who just found out there are THESE ROUND THINGS that you can attach to your BOX and scoot it along so much faster than dragging it!

Steps for EZ-proteomics:

1. Get a new Macbook Pro with all the extra trimmings

2. Install VMWare Fusion, create a Windows Virtual Machine

3. Install all your data analysis software on the virtual machine side, have fun dragging data files back and forth right in the window!

4. CHACHING! Profit with your new lightning-fast productivity!

(thanks to my postdoc colleague "K" and proteomics IT specialist "L" for opening my eyes to this smooth new world)

2 thoughts on “Proteomics on a Mac

  1. I use parallels to analyze my ephys data with our "windows only" analysis software on my mac--it's the same concept. I love it, it's fabulous. I make all of my figures on the mac and it's a pain in ass to have to do all of the analysis on a PC and then switch to my mac to make figures...also, because I only have mac's at home now it means that I can analyze data at home, which is preferred as I can wear my pj's and not worry about labmates/mentor interrupting me.

  2. I've been getting towards doing real proteomics for the whole 5 years of my postdoc, and finally I feel like I can work through the data efficiently enough to make it worth it, lol. It's SUCH a learning curve--we're running a workshop to hopefully get some other people through it a bit faster.

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