oooh teh internets and meme


Lamest of my music, not in order (although, always a matter of perspective):

1. Green Day Bluegrass

2. The Moog Cookbook

3. Britney Spears' Greatest Hits

4. My own Garage Band songs

5. The Fifth Dimension

6. A crapton of MC Frontalot

I actually don't think ANY of it is lame, but it's the most likely for other people to think so.

6 thoughts on “oooh teh internets and meme

  1. NUH UH!!! 'Toxic' and 'My Prerogative' are two of the best songs ever. Someday late at night my lab will hear them coming from my office and think I'm such a weirdo.

  2. Toxic and My Prerogative are my favorites too!! I didn't realize that she has been around long enough for a "greatest hits album" though...the best was watching my mentor do karaoke to Hit me Baby One More Time....he can't sing or dance at all--it was so horribly funny...lots of alcohol involved 😉 by the way--love the blog 😉

  3. 80 % of your lame music is music I gave you, but it doesn't even begin to plumb the depths to which my record collection sinks...

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