It's the final countdown

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Only 9 days left in the lab. Even though I don't actually move until the 12th of August. The rest of the days until that time are filled with making one more logistical visit to the new lab, various necessary weekend travels, and the 3-day proteomics course I am helping run and teach during my last week here.

I am cutting myself off from experiments after next week by bringing all my frozen stuff down with me to the logistical visit. That way I can't run any more gels, start any last "quick" cell experiments, try to do any more pulldowns, check any "last one thing." EXCEPT for the cells I'll still have growing, and the microscopy time I reserved for my LAST DAY ON THE OLD CAMPUS (damn that thing gets filled up so far in advance, otherwise I would have done it this week). And the last few peptides I want to make for the collaborator here before I leave...

But if I start any more experiments after this week, I'll just end up throwing them away without finishing the analyses and what is the point of that? I managed to get enough stuff figured out for my methodology in this last push to be as productive as humanly possible while I still had the whole setup in place. I now HAVE AN ASSAY even though a lot of little parameters need to be worked out, I know that my central technology development is going to work. I'm ready to be able to interpret other people's hands on the technique, rather than feeling like "Uhhh, well, who knows? I dunno if it even works so I can't tell if you just f'ed it up or not..."

You gotta leave yourself that last week. If I didn't have to spend three days immersing myself in this course (as well as all the prep I still need to do for the talks I am giving and the segments I am teaching, oh lordy), then I would have taken a nice vacation. Damn being addicted to this life.

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