"Are you women cold all the time?"

Yes, it is because we are female that 64 deg. F is not a suitable temperature for office air conditioning.

"Can't you just wear sweaters? Do you want to borrow my shirt?"

Surely it is our inappropriate styles of dress and our female condition that make the (awesomely mullet-ed) physical plant guys have to come adjust our AC temp from 64 to 70 deg F... it can't have anything to do with them being dumbasses.

I could have responded with "Are you older men always buying bizarre mullet toupees when your hair starts falling out? Couldn't you just shave your head? Do you want to borrow my blond She-Ra wig from Halloween a few years ago (because it would look less ridiculous than the beaver on your head)?" But I didn't.

4 thoughts on “"Are you women cold all the time?"

  1. Seriously, what is it about men that make them want to keep labs so cold? Because the same thing happened to me so many times!Someone should study toupee-wearers. Maybe it's a kind of neurological disorder like they literally cannot see the dead animal-like thing on their heads. (toupagnosia?)

  2. I really wonder who this dude's toupee role model is, his hairstyle is seriously weird. It's like curled bangs in the front, swept back and around to a slightly bouffant mullet down the back to almost his shoulders. I wish I could upload a little cartoon of it, he looks like a Chester McMolester type.

  3. The Russian guy in my lab works very late every night and (I suspect) is trying to recreate the comforts of his Siberian home, because he always sets the AC to about 60F. I'm often the first one through the door in the morning and have to suffer the ill effects of frostbite until the lab warms up an hour later.

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